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Sub-Committee on Nutrition

United Nations Administrative Committee on Coordination


(ACC/SCN) - The UN System's Forum for Nutrition-

The Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC), which is comprised of the heads of the UN Agencies, recommended the establishment of the Sub-Committee on Nutrition (SCN) in 1997, following the world food Conference (with particular reference to Resolution V on food and nutrition). This was approved by the Economic and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC). The UN members of the SCN are FAO, IAEA, IFAD, ILO, UN, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHCHR, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNRISD, UNU, WFP, WHO and the World Bank. IFPRI and the ADB are also member. From the outset representatives of bilateral donor agencies have participated actively in SCN activities as do non governmental organizations. The Secretariat is hosted by WHO in Geneva.

The mandate of the ACC/SCN is to serve as the UN focal point for promoting harmonized nutrition policies and strategies throughout the UN systems, and to strengthen collaboration with other partners for accelerated and more effective action against malnutrition. The aim of the SCN is to raise awareness of and concern for nutrition problems at global, regional and national levels; to refine the direction, increase the scale and strengthen the coherence and impact of actions against malnutrition worldwide; and to promote cooperation among UN agencies and partner organizations. The SCN's annual meetings have representation from UN Agencies, donor agencies and NGO's; these meetings begin with symposia on subjects of current importance for policy. The SCN brings such matters to the attention of the ACC and convenes working groups on specialized areas of nutrition. Initiatives are taken to promote coordinated activities - interagency programmes, meetings, publications - aimed at reducing malnutrition, reflecting the shared views of the agencies concerned. Regular reports on the world nutrition situation are issued. Nutrition Policy Papers are produced to summarize current knowledge on selected topics. SCN News is published twice a year, and the RNIS is published quarterly. As decided by the Sub-Committee, initiatives are taken to promote coordinated activities - inter-agency programmes, meetings, publications - aimed at reducing malnutrition, primarily in developing countries.

SCN NEWS Editor: Elizabeth Johnston, PhD and Sonya Rabeneck, PhD

Cover by Marie Arnaud Snakkers, other illustrations by Lindsay Barrett-Gillespie

SCN NEWS is issued in July and December each year by the Secretariat of the UN ACC Sub-Committee on Nutrition. Your contributions to future issues are most welcome. SCN NEWS aims to help the sharing of experience in nutrition. If you wish to receive additional copies of SCN NEWS, or would like to suggest other names to be added to our distribution list, please write to us or visit our website at:

Chairman: A. Namanga Ngongi
Deputy Executive Director, World Food Programme
Via Cesare Guilio Viola 68
Parco de Medici, I 100148 Rome, Italy
Telephone: 3906 5613 2001, Fax: 3906 5613 2834

Technical Secretary: Sonya Rabeneck
ACC/SCN c/o World Health Organization
20, Avenue Appia
CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
Telephone: 41-22 791 04 56, Fax: 41-22 798 88 91

SCN NEWS provides information on issues of importance in the field of international nutrition. All manuscripts submitted for consideration are peer-reviewed, although publication is not guaranteed. Overall editorial control is retained by the SCN Secretariat. Every effort is made to ascertain the validity of the information contained in SCN publications. Contributing authors are responsible for the accuracy of references. Manuscript guidelines are available. Items published by the SCN Secretariat do not imply endorsement of views given, nor necessarily the official positions taken by the SCN and its member agencies. The status of quotes and other material is generally indicated in the text and/or sources.

Readers are encouraged to review, abstract, reproduce or translate this document in part or in whole - but please attribute to the ACC/SCN

We gratefully acknowledge funding assistance from UNEP, the Government of the Netherlands and USAID for the preparation and printing of this issue of SCN NEWS

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