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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Security and Safety of Staff; Management Reform; Collaboration between HLCM and UNDG Management Group; Establishment of a Supply Network under HLCM; Information and Communication Technology Issues; Finance and Budget Issues, Human Resources Issues; Joint session with HLCP.


Action on Management reform

The Committee:

  • Invited organizations to provide the CEB Secretariat with information and documentation on their management reforms, for posting on the HLCM website.
  • Invited organizations to nominate representatives in the working group for the evaluation of a new ERP system.
  • Asked the UN to provide an update on the General Assembly’s discussion of the study on Governance and Oversight at the next HLCM session.

Action on Security and safety of staff

The Committee:

  • Endorsed the recommendations included in IASMN report of May 2006, as follows:

Paragraphs 28 to 30 on the production of CD-ROM 2 (Advanced Security in the Field).
Paragraph 51: on the development, by October 2006, of a training package on how to cope with mass casualties to be included in the next workshop for DSS field security officers held after this date.
Paragraphs 55 to 58: on security for women.
Paragraph 75 -78: on the work done with regard to cooperation with NGOs.