Actions are the outcomes of meetings. They are extracted from session reports and classified here by agenda item and mechanism.

Action Agenda items Datesort ascending
Action on Human Resources for the 2030 Agenda Development, Sustainable development 28/07/2016
Action on Reconciling the duty of care for UN personnel while operating in high risk environments Environment, Security and safety of staff, Medical standards, insurance, care 28/07/2016
Action on System-wide semantic framework (XML) for document management Development, Sustainable development, Programming process, Technology and innovation 28/07/2016
Action on Disaster Risk Reduction Development, Disaster risk reduction 08/03/2016
Action on Climate Change Climate change 08/03/2016
Action on Inequality Development, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Equality 08/03/2016
Action on Peace and Preventing Conflict Peace and Security, Armed conflict, Peace-building 08/03/2016
Action on Urbanization and Sustainable Development Development, Sustainable development, Urbanization 08/03/2016
Action on Sustainable Development Development, Sustainable development, Urbanization 08/03/2016
Action on Inequality Labour and employment 12/10/2015
Action on Youth Employment Labour and employment 12/10/2015
Action on Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse Special HR Issues 06/10/2015
Action on the Thematic discussion: UN system's Operational fit for the new Sustainable Development Agenda Development, Sustainable development 06/10/2015
Action on the Outcome of the ICSC Review of the UN system compensation package & ICSC recommendation regarding Mandatory Age of Separation for current staff Administrative relationships, International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) 06/10/2015
Action on Safety and security issues for UN staff – Duty of Care Medical standards, insurance, care 05/10/2015
Action on Operational Activities on Development Administrative relationships 29/04/2015
Action on Management Issues 29/04/2015
Action on United Nations Development Group 29/04/2015
Action on Data Revolution 29/04/2015
Action on High-level Committee on Programmes 29/04/2015
Action on the System-wide road map for UN Climate Neutrality by 2020 Climate change, Climate neutral UN 22/04/2015
Action on the UN System Occupational Health and Safety Framework Health, Security and safety of staff 22/04/2015
Action on Ebola Affected Countries: Maintaining the Capacity of UN clinics Health, Ebola Crisis 22/04/2015
Action on the ERP Interoperability Study Enterprise risk management (ERM) 22/04/2015
Action on the HLCM Strategic Group on reconciling the "duty of care" for UN System personnel Security and safety of staff 22/04/2015
Action on the HLCM Strategic Plan 2013-2016 and follow-up to the CEB post 2015 Fit for Purpose Development, Post-2015 Development Agenda 21/04/2015
Action on the UN System programme of work for a Data Revolution ICT Strategic Framework 21/04/2015
Action on the ICSC review of the UN System compensation package International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) 21/04/2015
Action on Programme Matters Development, Post-2015 Development Agenda 17/12/2014
Action on Accountability Internal Controls, Accountability and Risk Management Frameworks 17/12/2014