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FBN: Donor report for 2014 15.06.2016
FBN: Donor report for 2013 15.06.2016
HLCM: HBP Report 2013 23.02.2017
Document reference: CEB/2014/HLCM-HBP
HLCM: Key Achievements of the HBP in 2011-2012 23.02.2017

The third donor report covering the Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action (HBP) for 2012 is organized around the HBP Project Proposal's objectives: Achieve Efficiency Gains, Adopt International Standards and Replicate Best Practices, Enhance Trasparency and Accountability, Enhance Public Trust and Engage Stakeholders, Facilitate Knowledge and Resource Sharing and Faciliate Effective INter-agency Coordination.  The report shows how the different projects under the HBP support the achievement of these objectives.

Document reference: CEB/2013/HLCM-HBP/1
HLCM: Harmonization of Business Practices Key Achievements (2011-2012) 23.02.2017

The HBP Plan of Action Trust fund was established after the approval of the HLCM in the fall of 2008. After a first donation by New Zealand in December that year donations were received from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. A total of US$ 10.25 was received. To date, a total of approximately US$ 7.1 Million has been allocated to different projects. The projects that are finalized, on-going or in the pipeline all fall into one or more of these categories. This report is organized along these objectives with one “flagship” project listed first under each of the objectives.

Document reference: CEB/2013/HLCM-HBP/1
DTN: Donor Report 15.06.2016

Together with the UNDG, the HLCM supported the UN System Staff College to assist UN Country Teams with the integration of the Harmonization of Business Practices into the Programming Process. The project was completed in 2011 and a possible second phase is being designed. The donor report from 2011 summarizes the work of the project.

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM-HBP/1
FBN: Donor Report 15.06.2016

The Finance and Budget Network's working group on treasury services carried out a feasibility study with KPMG on the harmonization of the treasury services. The project was completed in April 2012 and the last donor report summarizes activities and outputs until the end of 2011.

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM-HBP/1
HLCM: Harmonization of Business Practices Donor Reports 18.03.2013

This report is the second donor report developed to report on progress of the HLCM Harmonization of Business Practices Plan of Action. It is clear that in 2011, has seen significant developments. Several initial projects have been completed, others are near completion or on track and several new initiatives are in the pipeline. This document will provide an update with details of each project presented in Annex I. Annex II contains a list of pipeline projects.

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM-HBP/1