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The SCN Nutrition and HIV/AIDS webpage

The SCN Nutrition and HIV/AIDS webpage aims to provide nutrition/health practitioners/development workers with pertinent and up-to-date information in the major areas of research and programmes linking nutrition and HIV/AIDS. The information provided under the 12 subject topics below has been obtained from biomedical journals, general reports, and conferences. The articles and reports are mostly accessible through the internet and cover the years 2002-2008. In the future, we anticipate including grey literature, which is typically not found in the public domain, provided it contains quality information.

The references selected here are not intended to be extensive but we aim to provide a periodic categorized selection of articles of interest to practitioners, along with guidelines/ recommendations and other publications designed to assist in programme development and evaluation of nutrition and HIV/AIDS interventions.

Because of copyright arrangements by many journals, some of the publication links on this webpage are not freely accessible. However, for those in low-income countries, the Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) has been developed to bridge the “digital divide” in health. This Network, led by WHO, provides free or very low cost online access to over 3,500 scientific publications depending on the country of your internet connection. This service is guaranteed through 2015 and is available at www.healthinternetwork.org.  Country eligibility information can be found at http://www.who.int/hinari/eligibility/en/

We also aim to provide information on upcoming meetings with a focus on nutrition and HIV/AIDS; please inform the SCN of such meetings by contacting scn@who.int

The SCN Secretariat is grateful to UNAIDS for its support in developing this webpage. We would also like to thank Professor Andrew Tomkins, Institute for Child Health, UK, for his guidance in preparing this project and Jani Cheseaux, RD, for researching and updating this webpage.

Please send any comments, questions, or pertinent information on nutrition and HIV/AIDS to the SCN Secretariat, scn@who.int.

  1. HIV/AIDS pandemic (Global Reports) (updated 01/21/08)
  2. Delaying progression of HIV to AIDS using nutrition management (updated 02/03/08)
  3. Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT)/Infant and Young Child Feeding (updated 02/03/08)
  4. Nutrition Support (formerly Macronutrient and Micronutrient requirements and interventions (updated 02/03/08)
  5. Nutritional management of opportunistic infections of HIV/food safety (updated 02/03/07)
  6. Antiretroviral Therapy and Nutrition Interactions (updated 02/03/08)
  7. Nutritional support for orphaned and other vulnerable children, school feeding, and adolescents in heavily HIV affected areas (updated 01/21/08)
  8. Emergency relief in high HIV prevalence areas (updated 01/21/08)
  9. Household food security and poverty reduction strategies for HIV affected families (updated 02/03/08)
  10. Useful resources for Programme Development (updated 01/21/08)
  11. Meetings (updated 01/21/08)
  12. Research projects in the area of nutrition and HIV/AIDS: ongoing studies (updated 05/24/06)