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Reports on the World Nutrition Situation (RWNS) ISSN 1810-715X

Reporting on the world nutrition situation is a key element of the SCN's work programme. Editions of this SCN flagship publication are disseminated every two to three years.

The Fifth Report on the World Nutrition Situation: Nutrition for Improved Development Outcomes, March 2004. The 5th Report is the result of a partnership between a Task Force convened by the SCN and the many UN and other agencies that provided access to data and expertise. The Task Force was composed of lead authors--Lawrence Haddad (International Food Policy Research Institute), Jay Ross (LINKAGES/Academy for Education), with contributions from Arne Oshaug (Akershus University College, Norway), and Liv Elin Torheim (Akershus University College, Norway); in collaboration with Kathy Kurz (International Center for Research on Women), Milla McLachlan (World Bank), Bruce Cogill (USAID/Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance). The 5th Report continues the tradition of reporting on trends in nutrition throughout the life cycle and of challenging the nutrition community. But instead of asking the question: how is nutrition affected by global changes? the 5th Report asks the question more proactively: how can a nutrition perspective accelerate the attainment of a comprehensive set of development goals? Inspired by the commitments made at the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in September 2000, translated into a series of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the 5th Report makes the case that the role of nutrition in development goes far beyond providing an indicator of progress towards the MDGs.

The Fourth Report on the World Nutrition Situation: Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle, January 2000, was produced in collaboration with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI www.ifpri.org). It is built around the theme nutrition throughout the life cycle. This change was signalled in part by growing evidence of the linkage between foetal undernutrition and chronic disease later in life, as well as new estimates of the global magnitude of growth retardation during foetal life.

The Third Report on the World Nutrition Situation presented trends in stunting for the first time, as well as comprehensive reviews of micronutrient deficiencies and nutrition in emergencies.

Early reports featured regional and global trends in underweight amongst preschool children. These reports can be ordered directly from SCN. Here's how.