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Country Case Studies

Integrating food and nutrition interventions in national development plans in order to accelerate the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals in the context of realizing the human right to adequate food: A Synthesis of the four SCN Country Case Studies (Angola, Bolivia, Brazil and Mozambique) can be found here. An Executive Summary of the Synthesis can be found here.
These four country case studies are a work in progress. Draft copies of the full case studies can be found below:
  Angola case study can be found here in PORTUGUESE
  Bolivia case study can be found here in SPANISH
  Brazil case study can be found here in ENGLISH and in PORTUGUESE
  Mozambique case study can be found here in PORTUGUESE

Previous Country Case Studies:

Brazil:  The Improvement in Child Nutritional Status in Brazil:  How Did it Occur? RF Iunes and CA Monteiro. September 1993.

Egypt:  Review of Trends, Policies and Programmes Affecting Nutrition and Health in Egypt (1970-1990).H Nassar, W Moussa, A Kamel and A Miniawi.  January 1992.

India:  Nutrition in India.  V Reddy, M Shekar, P Rao and S Gillespie.  December 1992.

Indonesia:  Economic Growth, Equity and Nutritional Improvement in Indonesia. IT Soekirman, GS Idrus Jus'at and F Jalal.  December 1992.

Tanzania:  Nutrition-Relevant Actions in Tanzania. FP Kavishe.  April 1993.

Thailand:  Nutrition and Health in Thailand:  Trends and Actions. Y Kachondham, P Winichagoon and K Tontisirin.  December 1992.

Zimbabwe:  Nutrition-Relevant Actions in Zimbabwe. J Tagwireyi, T Jayne and N Lenneiye.  December 1992.

All these studies can also be ordered on-line.