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SCN Publications

All SCN's publications are available on-line, in either PDF or html format. We also have a limited stock of the 3.1 version of the Food and Nutrition Library CDRom which contains more than 140 SCN publications as well as publications on nutrition from a range of other organizations. Unfortunately many SCN publications are only available in electronically, those which still are available in print as well as the CDRoms are listed on our on-line PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.

Subscribers (SCN News and NICS): if you have moved, or your contact details have changed, please let us know so that we can update our address records. Contact scn@who.int.

NUTRITION: A FOUNDATION FOR DEVELOPMENT, the international nutrition community has made great advances in understanding the root causes, effects and magnitude of global malnutrition and human suffering. However much work remains. Members of the international nutrition community recognize the need to better integrate their work with the work of its partners in development.
Nutrition: A Foundation For Development is a compilation of briefs on the latest research findings in nutrition as they relate to other development sectors. The briefs are designed to facilitate dialogue between nutrition and other development professionals. They are organized both as a complete set or as stand-alone briefs that make the case for integrating nutrition into the work of the development community.

Reports on the World Nutrition Situation (RWNS), including the Fifth Report on the World Nutrition Situation: Nutrition for Improved Development Outcomes (March 2004).

SCN Nutrition Policy Papers (NPP) In reviewing its publications procedures in 2005 and in discussion with the UNU, the SCN Steering Committee agreed that future SCN Nutrition Policy Papers should be published in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin. The SCN series of Nutrition Policy Papers (ISSN 1684-8632) was started in 1985 and up until 1996 were called State-of-the-Art Reviews. In the future Nutrition Policy Papers of the SCN will only be available in hard copy from the UNU, with electronic copies also being available for download from the SCN website. Downloads can be found here.

SCN News (free) A periodic review of developments in international nutrition compiled from information available to the SCN, published twice yearly. Contains features, news and views, programme news, and reviews of publications. All issues are available on-line. ISSN 1564-3751

Nutrition Information in Crisis Situations (formerly Refugee Nutrition Information System (RNIS)) (free) Report on the nutrition situation of all populations affected by a crisis (such as refugees, displaced and resident populations). Published every three months with a summary of the reports sent by e-mail before the full printed report is posted. All issues are available on-line. ISSN 1564-3778

Final Report to the SCN by the Commission on the Nutrition Challenges of the 21st Century -- Ending Malnutrition by 2020: an Agenda for Change in the Millennium published in 2000

Country Case Studies