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Actions to be taken in Relation to Global Obligations for the Right to Food
Recommendations of the Working Group on Nutrition, Ethics and Human Rights (March 2008) - download here.

World nutrition is under threat
Statement by the Civil Society constituency of the SCN at the 35th SCN Session (March 2008) - download here.

Establishing stunting as an additional indicator of endemic poverty to monitor progress made towards the achievement of MDG 1. Draft Statement from the SCN Task Force on Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation (March 2008) - download here.

Community-based management of severe acute malnutrition
Joint Statement by the World Health Organization, the World Food Programme, the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition and the United Nations Children’s Fund (June 2007) - download here.

Use of the new WHO Child Growth Standards in emergency nutrition programmes
Draft Statement v 4. SCN Working Group on Nutrition in Emergencies (February 2007) - download here.

The double burden of malnutrition - A challenge for cities worldwide
SCN Statement at the Third World Urban Forum, Vancouver (June 2006) - download here.

The human right of children and adolescents to adequate food and to be free from obesity and related diseases: the responsibilities of food and beverage corporations and related media and marketing industries
Joint Statement by the SCN Working Group on Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle and the Working Group on Nutrition, Ethics and Human Rights (March 2006) - download here.

Avian Influenza
Statement by the Working Group on Household Food Security (March 2006) - download here.

Double Burden of Malnutrition - A Common Agenda
Participants' Statement at its 33rd Annual Session (March 2006) - download here.

Nutrition in Conflict and Crisis
Statement by the SCN at its 29th Session (March 2002) - download here.

Nutrition and HIV/AIDS
Statement by the ACC/SCN at its 28th Session (April 2001) - download here.