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Task Force on Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

The SCN Task Force on Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation, co-chaired by FAO and WFP, was created in March 2006, and is currently made up of 14 members belonging to the 3 constituents of the SCN. Its current workplan, developed in November 2007, sets out the Task Force’s three main cross-cutting principles and objectives.

The Task Force met in January 2008 to review its workplan and to prepare for the 35th Session of the SCN. A full report of the meeting is available here.

A number of key short- and medium-term priority outputs were defined during the meeting. So far, the TF has worked on:

Over the next six months, the TF plans to produce (i) a review paper on stunting, (ii) a study/review of selected indicators and thresholds used in the IPC and (iii) support the revision of the SMART Food Security module.

Please click here for a Status Report on the current work of the TF and here for the ppt presentation of the TF at the 35th Session of the SCN in Hanoi.

Any comments on the above products and any contribution to the work of the TF are more than welcome! For any further information please contact Mark Smulders at FAO (mark.smulders@fao.org), Agnès Dhur at WFP (agnes.dhur@wfp.org).



Updated March 24, 2008