Exchange rates

Note: Except for those of UPU, ITU and WIPO, which have always been denominated in Swiss francs, those of WMO and GATT, which have been switched to Swiss francs, and that of IMO, which has been switched to sterling, the budgets of organizations of the UN system are expressed in US dollars.

Presentation of financial reports and statements

(1)      Having been apprised of the hope of the Panel of External Auditors that CCAQ could work towards achieving greater consistency and comparability in the information presented in the financial statements of the organizations, CCAQ decided at its 51st session (September 1979) to establish a Working Party on the Harmonization of Financial Statements. The Committee approved terms of reference for the Working Party, specified its membership, and agreed on arrangements for its first session (ACC/1979/R.69, paras. 18-20).