The Committee received an update by the HR Network Spokesperson on the status of Network proposals and analysis related to the recommendations of the Steering Committee on Staff Safety and Security.

The Information Brochures on Security-related Entitlements and Benefits had been completed for all categories of staff and were distributed to all organizations in December 2009.


The Network had developed an implementation plan and Terms of Reference for the Rapid Response teams endorsed by HLCM at its 18th session. These were being considered in conjunction with a new Emergency Preparedness and Support Unit, whose establishment was being proposed by the UN Secretariat to the General Assembly.

Work was still ongoing under the responsibility of the three Working Groups on Appendix D (led by the UN Secretariat), on the Comparative Review of Compensation for service-incurred injury, illness, death and disability in the event of a malicious act (led by WFP), and on Security Measures for National Staff (led by UNDP), with a view to preparing a comprehensive UN system map of all current benefits/entitlements/insurance related to service-incurred injury, illness, death and disability, in the event of a malicious act as well as outside the specific circumstance of malicious act, the current gaps in coverage, and the proposals of how to address the gaps.  The map would cover all personnel categories, i.e.:  1) international staff, 2) national and locally-recruited staff, and 3) international and locally-recruited non-staff personnel.


The Committee:

Urged all organizations to ensure that staff members receive the Information Brochures on Security Related Entitlements and Benefits.

Requested that the three Working Groups of the HR Network, in ongoing consultation with the FB Network, and other Networks as appropriate, continue their work on staff safety and security and submit a comprehensive plan, with costing, to HLCM for consideration at its 2010 fall session. To assist the HR Network in expediting this work, a proposal would be developed by the CEB Secretariat for a Coordinator to work with the HR Network for six months, financed though the Fund for the Plan of Action on Harmonization of Business Practices.