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The Chair of UN-Water briefed the Committee on the progress and latest developments in the work of the mechanism, which had been established by the Committee in 2003. UN-Water, supported by a secretariat in New York, was currently undergoing positive structural and other beneficial changes. A new management structure had recently been established that included two new posts to support it — a Chief Technical Adviser to the Chair and an Assistant to the Secretary. This strengthened governance structure was realized thanks to a multi-donor Trust Fund, which was illustrative of the renewed and strengthened commitments of donors to coordination efforts and the role and mandate of UN-Water in this regard.


In the discussion that ensued, members noted that UN-Water provided a good example of how to reach out to organizations on an important theme, and that much could be learned from UN-Water’s flexible work arrangements with task forces that facilitated its response to emerging issues. UN-Water was invited to feed its experience into the work that the High-level Committee on Programmes Working Group on Climate Change was doing on adaptation. It was also suggested that it would be very useful if UN-Water could address the issue of fresh water resources in relation to climate change, as this constituted a major threat to humanity. It was furthermore suggested that UN-Water’s work in relation to the International Flood Initiative provided a link to the Committee’s work on disaster risk reduction.


The Committee thanked the Chair of UN-Water for his report and congratulated him on the concrete achievements of the mechanism. It encouraged UN-Water to enhance its collaboration and exchange of experiences with UN-Oceans, UN-Energy, the Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water Supply and Sanitation, as well as other bodies under the sustainable development framework to create further synergies, complementarities and potential for cooperation.