During the reporting period, CEB reviewed progress in the work of the thematic networks UN-Energy, UN-Water and UN-Oceans. In 2012, all three inter-agency bodies prepared substantive contributions to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and its preparatory process, including by preparing a number of flagship reports and joint thematic publications on key issues related to water, energy and oceans.

In the outcome document of the Conference, world leaders recognized the critical importance of water, energy and oceans for sustainable development and affirmed Member States’ commitment to address existing implementation gaps and emerging challenges related to those issues. They also underscored the need for United Nations system-wide coherence and coordination in the implementation of sustainable development measures and actions and, in this context, reinforced cooperative efforts under existing inter-agency mechanisms (see General Assembly resolution 66/288, annex, para. 78).

UN-Water supports United Nations system coordination on water-related initiatives. In follow-up to the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, it organized thematic, multi-stakeholder consultations on water-related issues as a contribution to the preparations for the post-2015 development agenda and the formulation of sustainable development goals. UN-Energy brings organizations of the United Nations system together by focusing on an integrated approach between energy and other important sustainable development factors. In 2012, UN-Oceans contributed to the development of the Secretary-General’s Oceans Compact, which sets out a strategic vision for the United Nations system to deliver on its ocean-related mandates in a more coherent and effective manner and provides a platform for all stakeholders to collaborate and accelerate progress in the achievement of the common goal of “Healthy oceans for prosperity”. Cooperation between UN-Water, UN-Energy and UN-Oceans continues to grow. The International Year of Water Cooperation in 2013 and the 2014 World Water Day campaign on the theme “Water and energy” will provide opportunities to further advance collaboration.