Data source for Extra Budgetary Resources by Region

4.2. UN System Total Extra-Budgetary Resources

The graph of member state donors by World Region show that Europe and North America are the regions contributing most to the growth of extra-budgetary resources of the UN system over the last four biennia. While the growth of European contributions was fast, almost doubling, from USD 6.6 billion in 2002-2003 to USD 11.6 billion in 2006-2007, it slowed down in 2008-2009 increasing by only 4.7%. The group of top four contributors from Europe includes the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway and their XB donations grew from USD 3.6 billion in 2002-2003 to USD 6.3 billion in 2006-2007, but stagnated at USD 6.3 billion for 2008-2009. However, the group of close followers (Italy, Germany and Spain) accounted for a steady biennial growth of 25-42% from USD 1.3 billion in 2002-2003 to USD 3.1 billion in 2008-2009. 

North America recorded a more constant growth over the four biennia. Both the US and Canada increased their XB contributions: the US from USD 4.9 to 7.2 billion, and Canada from USD 0.6 billion to USD 1.5 billion. South America’s XB contributions saw a drop in 2008-2009 when contributions from the largest contributors (Argentina, Brazil and Peru) fell from USD 2.1 billion in 2006‑2007 to USD 1.1 billion in 2008-2009. Contributions form Oceania and Africa remained stable, while Asian Countries lead by Japan with its 2008-2009 XB contributions of USD 1.8 billion were boosted in 2008-2009 by XB contributions from Saudi Arabia in 2008 of USD 0.5 billion to WFP, thus accounting for its XB contributions increase from USD 49.7 million in 2002-2003 to USD 619.2 million in 2008-2009.

Donors Grouped by World Region - Biennia 2002/03 - 2008/09, Millions US$

AfricaOceaniaLatin AmericaAsiaNorth AmericaEurope
2002-2003 126 331 426 172855386623
2004-2005 329 493 3121 218462449511
2006-2007 557 606 39382428687411612
2008-2009 556 716 21353417868212154