Data source for Financial Level of Programme Execution

Differential between total contributions and expenditures

Biennia 2002/03 - 2008/09, Millions US$This graph indicates the "financial" level of programme execution with regards to the UN system as a whole (UN Peacekeeping Operations are excluded). Essentially the two trend lines representing the UN system volume of expenditures incurred and contributions received agree, providing evidence that the UN system organizations are not accumulating excess cash balances. The difference between contributions and expenditures yields the rate of "programme execution" judged as capacity of the organizations to allocate and spend the financial resources granted from the member organizations for their institutional purposes.

6.1 Total Contributions/Expenditures Variance - UN System

Biennia 2002/03-2008/09,Millions US$

Millions US$2002-20032004-20052006-20072008-2009
Total Contributions32147415514772957892
Total Expenditure33066415294726656286