Humanitarian Affairs / Disaster Risk Reduction

Year established



John Holmes (ERC, OCHA) and Tom Getman (Chair, ICVA Executive Committee) Co-Chairs

The GHP is a forum bringing together the three main families of the humanitarian community - NGOs, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and the UN and related international organisations. These families have a shared responsibility in enhancing the effectiveness of humanitarian action.

The overall goal of the Global Humanitarian Platform (GHP) is to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian action. It is premised on the belief that no single humanitarian agency can cover all humanitarian needs and that collaboration is, therefore, not an option, but a necessity. Collaboration among a diverse group of humanitarian agencies can take different forms.

The GHP aims at maximising complementarity based on our different mandates and mission statements. Based on the principle of diversity, the GHP does not seek to convince humanitarian agencies to pursue a single mode of action or work within a unique framework.