The General Assembly, in its resolution 64/289, on system-wide coherence, encouraged the United Nations system to continue its efforts to harmonize business practices. CEB supported system-wide efforts to achieve significant progress in that area during the reporting period, both at the country and headquarters levels. Many harmonization activities across the United Nations system fall within the joint United Nations Development Group/High-level Committee on Management implementation plan, which addresses country-level bottlenecks in business practices and was developed following the joint high-level mission in 2010, and the High-level Committee on Management Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices. The Plan of Action is a package of harmonization initiatives that has received voluntary funding from the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As of March 2011, the Plan of Action had received $10.5 million, with commitments at the end of 2010 of approximately $3.7 million.

Business practice harmonization projects, both those funded by the Plan of Action and those initiated by CEB as part of the regular agenda of its subsidiary mechanisms, namely, the High-level Committee on Management and its functional networks, have proceeded at both the country and global levels and in every administrative area: procurement, human resources, finance and budget and information and communications technology.

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