Data source for Largest Recipients of Non-State Donors Contributions

The graph shows XB contributions from all categories of donors and focus on the main organization beneficiaries of these contributions within the United Nations system.

The top ten beneficiaries of XB resources from non-state donors in 2008-2009 were: UNDP, WFP, WHO, UNICEF, FAO, UNHCR, UNRWA, UN, UNFPA and IFAD. As a whole, these organizations received XB contributions of USD 8.9 billion in this biennium, the 91% of the total XB contributions to the UN system organizations. The three largest recipient organizations – UNDP, WFP and WHO – together received USD 4.9 billion, representing about a half of the contributions to the whole UN system.

5b.1. Top 10 Beneficiaries of XB Resources from Non-State Donors

Millions of USD, Biennium 2008-2009

Millions US$2077157712361180769490445385356185837