(1) At its 55th session, the Committee considered the question of insurance coverage of fellowship holders. Before taking a definitive decision, the Committee decided to entrust to UN and UNESCO further research into practical arrangements (ACC/1981/31, paras. 121-123). CCAQ reverted to this matter at its 56th session (March 1982) on the basis of a report by UN and UNESCO (ACC/1982/PER/16), which provided a description of the main features of an insurance policy for fellows. It decided to transmit this to CCAQ(FB), which would be asked to look into the financial consequences of adopting such proposals. Meanwhile inter-agency consultations on participation in the scheme would continue (ACC/1982/5, paras. 94-95).

(2) At its 56th session (March 1981), CCAQ(FB), which had been informed of action under way with respect to the insurance of fellowship holders, considered practical arrangements for a common insurance scheme. Most organizations expressed interest in such a scheme, although they recognized that the primary responsibility for the insurance of fellows lay with governments. As the next step, information was to be collected on the types of coverage and conditions required; inquiries would then be made by IAPSU with insurance companies (ACC/1982/6, paras. 44-46).

(3) At the 57th session on financial and budgetary questions (September 1982) the Committee examined the information and quotations from insurance brokers which had been obtained. It requested IAPSU to determine the lowest premiums for a basic policy on a large scale and for various additional coverages which would enable individual organizations to obtain variants suited to their needs (ACC/1982/25, paras. 43-44).

(4) At its 58th session (March 1983) having examined quotations from five brokers, CCAQ(FB) selected the most advantageous offer. It requested IAPSU to inform the broker of the organizations' interest and to ensure that the rate offered for at least 10,000 fellowships would be applied during the first year covered. IAPSU was then to contact the organizations, which would pursue the matter individually, specifying the scope, options and ceilings of the coverage desired (ACC/1983/11, paras. 46-47).

(5) At the 59th session on financial and budgetary questions (September 1983) the Committee reviewed action in individual organizations to take advantage of the system-wide policy. It asked to be provided with information through the CCAQ secretariat of the total number of persons expected to be covered and the types of coverage selected by the organizations (ACC/1983/21, para. 40). These data were later circulated by correspondence (ACC/1983/FB/49).