Agencies across the United Nations system support Member States in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and CEB has worked to ensure a coordinated United Nations system approach in the follow-up to the Millennium Summit since 2000.

To advance and accelerate the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, the General Assembly adopted a resolution entitled “Keeping the promise: united to achieve the Millennium Development Goals” (resolution 65/1). This global plan of action for reaching the Goals reaffirmed the role of the United Nations system in supporting Member States to advance development in a coherent, coordinated and effective manner.

At its November 2012 session, CEB, under the leadership of the Secretary-General, agreed to include a review of the implementation of Millennium Development Goals at the country level as part of its semi-annual meetings, building on existing mechanisms such as the Acceleration Framework. Developed by the United Nations Development Programme in collaboration with United Nations system agencies, the Acceleration Framework responds to calls from Member States for support in the design and implementation of national strategies aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals (see General Assembly resolution 65/1, para. 36). The Framework was endorsed by CEB, through the United Nations Development Group, at its second regular meeting of 2010 as a way to help countries accelerate progress towards identified Millennium Development Goals targets. It seeks to assist countries in the development of multi-stakeholder action plans to improve the impact of existing interventions. The action plans are endorsed and led by the Governments to guide domestic initiatives, as well as those carried out by development partners and other stakeholders. In response to country demands, the United Nations Development Group has been supporting the development of the frameworks in approximately 40 countries between 2010 and 2012.

By including a review of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals at its sessions, CEB further strengthens United Nations system-wide support to the implementation of these country-owned acceleration action plans by ensuring a coordinated approach to the technical and operational expertise of the United Nations system. It also serves as a concrete contribution in support of global efforts to achieve the Goals by the 2015 deadline.