Data source for Non-State Donors Exceeding Contributions of $10m

The graph lists the donors that contributed more than USD 10 million in 2002-2009. 24 donors in the group include: UN Foundation, Inc (Ted Turner Funds); The Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Foundation Remembrance; non-specified private donors; Rotary  International; Multilateral Fund for Montreal Protocol; Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI); UNITAID (International Drug Purchase Facility); Global Environment Facility (GEF); Hoffman La Roche & Co LTD; Settlement Fund - Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation; Independent Electoral Commission for Iraq; OPEC; Micronutrient Initiative; Nippon Foundation; UAE Red Crescent Society; Kobe Group; Public donations - Criança Esperanza; World Lung Foundation; US Committee for UNFPA; Palestinian Authority/PLO; Pan American Health & Education Foundation; and International Development Research Centre

5e.3. Non-State Donors that Donated more than 10mln USD in years 2002-2009

Category C - Other Organizations, NGOs, Foundations, Private Sect., Millions USD

International Development Research CentrePan American Health & Education FoundationPalestinian Authority/PLOUS Committee for UNFPA World Lung FoundationPublic donations - Criança EsperanzaKobe GroupUAE Red CrescentNippon FundationMicronutrient InitiativeOPECIndependent Electoral Commission for IraqSettlement Fund - Holocaust Victim Assets LitigationHoffman La Roche & Co LTDGEFUNITAID (International Drug Purchase Facility)GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation)Multilateral Fund for Montreal ProtocolRotary InternationalPrivate DonorsFoundation RemembranceBill and Melinda Gates FoundationThe Global Fund (to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria)UN Foundation (UNFIP - Ted Turner's Fund)
Amount 11.35 15.10 17.47 21.22 25.69 36.78 41.99 50.55 56.01 59.30 61.78 72.60 75.99 84.00 95.30 97.03 204.59 285.17 407.44 613.14 642.31 747.41 1261.88 1527.60