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Issues discussed at the session: Towards the Post-2015 Development Agenda; CEB Review of MDG Implementation; Promoting the Rule of Law; Advancing the Common Agenda: Disaster Risk Reduction, Oceans, Cybercrime and Cyber Security; Implications of Internal and International Migration; Demographic Dynamics: Youth, The World of 7 Billion.


Action on Post -2015 Development Agenda

As an initial step towards an UN system-wide post-2015 narrative, HLCP members supported the proposal to complement the work of the UN Task Team by identifying any elements missing from the report. In its role as facilitator of programmatic coherence and coordination of the UN system, HLCP also agreed to review and develop a UN system-wide view on the recommendations and findings of the report of the post-2015 High-level Panel as an input to the report of the Secretary-General on “Accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals: options for sustained and inclusive growth and issues for advancing the United Nations development agenda beyond 2015”. The holding of an inter-sessional meeting of HLCP through videoconferencing after the launch of the report of the High-level Panel was seen as a possible next step in this regard.

Action on CEB Review of MDG Implementation

HLCP welcomed the initiative and emphasized the need for action that effected long-term change at country level. Noting that the 1000 days milestone towards MDG achievement would be marked on 5 April 2013, the initiative signaled the UN system’s resolve and commitment to step up its own efforts towards reaching the MDGs by 2015. By acquiring a clear understanding of the gaps and bottlenecks impeding MDG implementation, the UN system would gain better insights into specific solutions for more effective collaboration and partnerships that could also inform the post-2015 development agenda.

Action on Promoting the Rule of Law

The Committee lent its support to mainstreaming the rule of law throughout the UN system on the basis of the principles laid out in the Note before it. It underscored the timeliness of the issue and looked forward to reviewing, at its next session, a System-wide Plan of Action as a means to enhance coordination and coherence on the rule of law. HLCP members would contribute to this process under the leadership of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General.

Action on Disaster Risk Reduction

In recommending the Plan of Action for endorsement, Committee members requested UNISDR to circulate the amended draft within ten days, taking into account comments provided by participants.

On this basis, the Committee would recommend the UN Plan of Action on Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience for endorsement by the CEB (Annex III). HLCP also took note of the progress made on the checklist for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the work of the UN system. UNISDR was requested to report back in 2015 on progress made on the Plan of Action, taking into account developments on the Hyogo Framework for Action 2 and the Post-2015 development framework. It was also agreed that the HLCP Senior Management Group on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience would guide the process for the roll-out of the Plan of Action.

Action on Cybercrime and Cyber Security

The Committee took note of the draft policy, and progress made by the UN Group on Cybercrime and Cyber Security. It also took note of the fact that the policy focused only on the cyber security and anti-cybercrime capacities of Member States and not on the UN’s internal needs.  The Committee thanked ITU and UNODC for their leadership in this regard and recommended that its members send inputs directly to ITU and UNODC to further develop the policy taking into account comments of Committee members. HLCP would revert to this issue at its 27th session.

Action on Internal and International Migration

The Committee, taking into account the comments made, recommended for endorsement by CEB the set of proposed recommendations and outcomes for the 2013 High-level Dialogue on International Migration (Annex IV). It also agreed to bring the recommendations and outcomes to the attention of Member States and the wider UN system by integrating them in the 2013 Report of the Secretary-General on international migration and development, and asked IOM and UNFPA to continue to facilitate system-wide input in the lead up to the HLD in collaboration with the GMG. HLCP also welcomed the proposal to develop a joint publication based on the fuller contributions by the organizations and entities as a valuable input to the HLD, and thanked IOM and UNFPA for their continued leadership in this regard.

Action on Youth

The Committee thanked UN-DESA and UN-HABITAT for their leadership and encouraged organizations to participate actively in developing a strong implementation plan. It recommended the draft System-wide Action Plan on Youth   for endorsement by CEB with the understanding that additional issues related to youth might be reviewed and addressed during the preparation of the implementation plan.