Data source for Staff Nationality by Region

Reporting period

31 December 2012

Staff Nationalityby Region

These pie charts shows percentage and number of the nationality of staff associated with regions of the world at two levels of granularity.

Oceania excluding AuUNCODED/UNASSIGNEDAustralia and New ZeAmericasAsia excluding JapanEuropeAfrica

RegionPolynesiaMicronesiaMelanesiaUNCODED/UNASSIGNEDCentral AsiaSouthern AfricaAustralia and New ZealandCentral AmericaEastern AsiaEastern EuropeCaribbeanSouth AmericaWestern AsiaNorthern EuropeNorthern AfricaSouth-Eastern AsiaMiddle AfricaSouthern EuropeSouthern AsiaNorthern AmericaWestern AfricaWestern EuropeEastern Africa
Total staff501023036196608149021401220723922427365439054534522152495269561468626920747289058982

Extracted from Personnel Statistics report data (Table 12: Number of staff by nationality, organization, category, and source of funds).

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