Since 1997, executive heads of organizations of the system that participate in the common system of pay and benefits have followed with keen interest developments in regard to the Secretary-General’s proposal for a review and strengthening of ICSC. They welcomed the decision of the General Assembly in its resolution 57/285 to launch a panel on the strengthening of the international civil service. After careful review of its findings and recommendations, CEB expressed its deep appreciation for the thoughtful, balanced and constructive report presented by the Panel and strongly commended it to the Assembly.

CEB reiterated its strong wish for ICSC to strive towards greater relevance and concrete, tangible results, as a strong foundation for the reform and renewal of the international civil service. This requires a strong adherence to the spirit and the letter of the statute of the Commission, which stipulates that its members should be individuals of recognized competence who have had substantial experience of executive responsibility in public administration or related fields, particularly in personnel management.

CEB was deeply disappointed at the position taken by ICSC on the report of the Panel and expressed the hope that the General Assembly would respond in a positive manner to the key recommendations of the Panel.