Cooperating agencies: IFAD, FAO, GEF, IAEA, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, UNFCCC Secretariat, UN-ISDR, World Bank Group

  • Strengthening national capacity in developing countries to assess investment and financial flows to address climate change;
  • creating an online interface to assist developers of adaptation programmes in screening, identifying and accessing adaptation funding;
  • case studies to help emerging economies assess the costs and benefits of less carbon-intensive options, examine financing sources and mechanisms and identify candidate projects and programmes;
  • case studies to help developing countries particularly vulnerable to climate change assess the risks posed by climate change, design better strategies to adapt and understand the cost involved;
  • development of technical methodologies/tools and data collection for specific sectors that facilitate developing country access to financial resources by helping them to meet eligibility/verification criteria of financial mechanisms (e.g. agriculture and forestry, energy options); assistance to countries in combining/sequencing GEF resources for policy change and leveraging new sources of finance.