In response to General Assembly resolution 62/208, in which the Assembly called for an integrated, coherent and coordinated approach to United Nations assistance at the country level, the United Nations Development Group continued to provide targeted support to country preparations of United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks. With the support of regional United Nations Development Group teams, new Frameworks were rolled out in 15 countries in 2012.

The United Nations Development Group continued to make a significant investment to build the capacity of United Nations country teams in support of country efforts to design and implement high-quality United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks. In cooperation with the United Nations System Staff College, the Group supported 13 strategic planning retreats, which brought together Governments, civil society, and United Nations country teams to review the major national development challenges, identify the comparative advantage of the country teams, and agree on priority outcomes for the United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks. Recent survey data from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs shows that 92 per cent of Governments agree that the introduction of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework has ensured close alignment of the Organization with national plans and strategies.

In resolution 62/208, the General Assembly called upon the United Nations development system to pursue gender equality and the empowerment of women in their country programmes, planning instruments and sector-wide programmes and to articulate specific country-level goals and targets in this field in accordance with national development strategies. To this effect, the United Nations Development Group agreed on common principles and standards for gender equality markers and financing for gender equality and tracking systems. The Group issued guidance on gender equality marker systems to all United Nations country teams, which will guide the development of an effective and coherent approach for tracking resources that support the achievement of gender equality results, and will allow system-wide reporting on funds contributing to the promotion of gender equality.