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PN: Report of 15th Session (March 2014, Turin) 23.02.2017

Conclusions of the Fifthteenth Session of the High Level Committee on Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM PN), ITCILO-Turin, 11-13 March 2014. The Session included updates from the Working Groups on Harmonisation and Sustainable Procurement as well as a status report on the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) and the projects on Vendor Eligibility, Collaborative Procurement, Harmonisation and the UNGM Vendor Registration Reform. The concept of a new Vendor Management Working Group was further discussed.

Document reference: CEB/2014/HLCM_PN/15
FBN: Report of 17th Session (September 2011, ITC-ILO, Turin) 23.02.2017

Follow-up to the Task Force on Accounting Standards meeting; Progress update from the Working Group on Common Treasury Services; Cost sharing arrangements for Jointly Funded Activities; Update from the Working Group on Safety and Security Costs; UN System-wide Financial Statistics Database and Reporting System; and Impact of IPSAS on budgeting.

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM/FB/21
HLCM: Report of 19th Session (February 2010, Turin) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Security and Safety of Staff; Support to staff and their families in emergency situations; Administration of Justice; HLCM Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices; Coordination with UNDG; HLCM Networks;Occupational Health and Safety Policy in the UN system.

Document reference: CEB/2010/3