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FBN: Report of 24th Session (September 2018, Washington, DC) 11.12.2018

Conclusions of the Twenty Fourth Session of the High Level Committee on Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM PN), Washington DC, 19-21 September 2018. The Session included updates from the Working Groups on Harmonisation, Professional Development, Strategic Vendor Management and Sustainable Procurement as well as a status report on the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) and current Special Projects.

CEB: Second Regular Session Report (November 2014, Washington D.C.) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees; HLCM, HLCP and UNDG; Briefings on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime, UN-Water, the Secretary-General’s Scientific Advisory Board, Drugs and Crime, and the World Summit on the Information Society; Issues of system-wide concern: The Data Revolution and Accountability, and a special session on the UN response to the Ebola Crisis.

Document reference: CEB/2014/2
UNDG: Report of HLCM-UNDG joint session (September 2010) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed at the session: The high level HLCM-UNDG mission; UN Country Teams; Harmonization of business practices; UNDAF.

CEBs: Web4Dev 2005 - Washington D.C. (World Bank) 15.06.2016

Conference report: Telling the Development Story to the World

Document reference: W4D2005
DTN: Report of 14th Session (March 2010, Washington) 23.02.2017

Items discussed included: System-Wide ICT Strategic Directions,Data Communications Study Implementation,Plan of Action for Harmonization of Business Practices and Current Activities, Country-Level ICT Guidance, ICT Special Interest Group Updates.

Document reference: CEB/2010/HLCM/ICT/10
HLCM: Report of 24th Session (September 2012, Washington) 23.02.2017

Conclusions of the Twenty-Fourth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Washington, D.C., 24-25 September 2012). Issues discussed included: Security and Safety of Staff;upport to Survivors of Malicious Acts & Natural Disasters and Affected Families; HLCM’s role in the next phase of Delivering as One – QCPR negotiations - Coordination with UNDG;Internal controls, Accountability and Risk Management Frameworks;Strategic Plan for Sustainability Management in the UN System.

Document reference: EB/2012/5
HLCM: Report of 22nd Session (September 2011, Washington) 15.06.2016

Conclusions of the Twenty-Second Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Washington, D.C., 26-27 September 2011). Issues discussed included: Security and Safety of Staff; Programme Criticality Framework; Improving Efficiency and Cost Controls; Common Principles on Results Reporting; UNDG-HLCM Mission to identify country-level bottlenecks in business practices; HLCM Networks; Mandatory of Separation, ERM.

Document reference: CEB/2100/5
DTN: Report of 6th Session (April 2006, Washington) 23.02.2017
Document reference: CEB/2006/HLCM/ICT/1
FBN: Report of 13th Session (September 2010, PAHO, Washington, D.C) 23.02.2017

Follow-up to IPSAS Task Force; Personal Financial Disclosure Programmes; Update from the joint FBHR network Working Group on Compensation for Service Incurred death, injuries and illnesses (Appendix D); UN operational rates of exchange (UNROE); Interim results from the Working Group on Safety and Security Costs; Common Services Centres; Progress report from the Working Group on Common Treasury Services; Progress report from the WG on Financial Reporting; Presentation of the UN System Financial Statistics 2010; Progress report from the WG on Harmonized Financial Rules and Regulations; and Up

Document reference: CEB/2010/HLCM/FB/30
HRN: Report of 20th Session (July 2010, Washington, D.C) 23.02.2017

Briefing on upcoming AIIC Negotiations; Election of HR Network Spokesperson.

Document reference: CEB/2010/HLCM/HR/35
HLCM: Report of 20th Session (September 2010, Washington) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Overview & prioritization of HLCM activities, and coordination with UNDG; Security and Safety of Staff ;Benefits, entitlements and insurance related to service-incurred injury, illness, death and disability; Administration of Justice; Decisions/recommendations and issues under review by the ICSC; HLCM Networks; Lessons learned in Haiti.

Document reference: CEB/2010/5