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CEB: Information and communications technology 23.02.2017

The Information and Communications Technology Network commenced a project, funded by the High-level Committee on Management Plan of Action and led by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, to establish common standards and benchmarks for information and communications technology services and investments. That project will allow organizations to calculate their total cost of information and communications technology services, and in a manner that will provide for benchmarking of those services.

CEB: Coordination between the Chief Executives Board and other jointly financed bodies 23.02.2017

Through its subsidiary bodies, CEB continues to substantially contribute to the processes of both ICSC and the Joint Inspection Unit.

HLCM: The efficiency agenda 15.06.2016

Redesigning business models with an emphasis on right-sourcing, common services, and new technologies. New technologies open entirely new horizons to re-shape the operational models of UN organizations: cloud computing; meeting and conference services; compilation and availability of system-wide data and information, etc.

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HLCM: Report of 29th Session (March 2015, Paris) 23.02.2017

Conclusions of the Twenty-ninth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Paris, 19-20 March 2015). Issues discussed included: Review of the implementation of the HLCM Strategic Plan 2013-2016 and Follow-up to the CEB post 2015 Fit for Purpose; Review of the Draft UN System programme of work for a Data Revolution; ICSC review of the UN system compensation package: assessment of the proposals on the table and strategic guidance for their finalization – Path towards implementation of MAS 65 for current staff; Review and adoption of a System-wide road map for UN climate neutrality by 2020 and of the related goals towards enhancing environmental sustainability of UN operations; ERP Interoperability Study; Review of progress by the HLCM Strategic Group on reconciling the “duty of care” for UN system personnel with the need to “stay and deliver” in high risk environments; UN system Occupational Health and Safety Framework.

Document reference: CEB/2015/3
CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2013, Madrid) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees; HLCM (endorsement of the Committee’s report and Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 (Annex I); HLCP (endorsement of the report of HLCP, including the UN Plan of Action on Disaster Risk Reduction and the System-wide Plan for Action on Youth. The Board also endorsed the Strategic Vision of the Committee (Annex III); UNDG (endorsement of the UNDG report and the UNDG Strategic  Priorities for 2013-2016 (Annex II).

Document reference: CEB/2013/1
DTN: Common ICT Costing and Benchmarking 15.06.2016

The ICT Network project on ICT costing is an important step to help organizations plan their ICT expenditures. The project, originally expected to be completed in mid 2012 has since been extended to October 2012 at which time it was operational closed. A detailed update on activities and outputs is available in 2012 HBP Key achievements report.

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM-HBP/1
DTN: Report of 6th Session (April 2006, Washington) 23.02.2017
Document reference: CEB/2006/HLCM/ICT/1

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HLCM: Action on ERP Interoperability Feasibility Study 10.08.2016
HLCM: Action on ERP Inter-operability Study 10.08.2016

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DTN: Special Interest Group for Oracle/PeopleSoft (CABIO) 23.02.2017

This ICT Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the needs of agencies using Peoplesoft/Oracle solutions for their ERP and aims to further the coordinated use of these platforms.