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CEB: CEB Adaptation side event: COP15 23.02.2017

This event showcased good practices and resources developed by the system in key areas of adaptation such as integrated land and water management, disaster risk reduction, food security and data collection and analysis within the broader framework of development planning, knowledge sharing and partnership building.

HLCP: Mobilize new and innovative concessional finance 23.02.2017

A new Climate Investment Funds portfolio with an expected capitalization of some US$ 6 billion, to build on progress made by many of the developing countries

CEB: Support to pilot innovative sources of finance and market mechanisms 23.02.2017

Development of a voluntary global financial mechanism/portfolio approach/forest financing framework for all types of forests to support the implementation of the Non-Legally Binding Instrument on All Types of Forests and the achievement of the Global objectives on Forests.

HLCP: Support to leverage finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy 23.02.2017

Mobilizing funds for greater energy access and security, energy efficiency and clean energy development projects in over 100 countries.

CEB: Support to leverage private sector investment in activities addressing climate change 23.02.2017

Facilitating finance sector engagement in climate mitigation by building financier capacity and awareness, lowering the costs and barriers of initial transactions, and supporting the development of new financial products that accelerate adoption of climate technologies and markets.

CEB: Support for development and access to carbon markets 23.02.2017

Developing the capacity of low-income countries to access the CDM through the Nairobi Framework

CEB: Support for access to financing by developing countries 23.02.2017

Strengthening national capacity in developing countries to assess investment and financial flows to address climate change.

CEB: Capacity Building in Adaptation 23.02.2017

Providing advisory services on how to mainstream climate change considerations into development decision-making, including for the achievement of the MDGs in the LDCs and other countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America;

CEB: Operational activities in key sectors and support for adaptation at the local level 23.02.2017

Scaling up sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa within the TerrAfrica framework; Pan-African Land Policy Framework; MENARID umbrella programme for sustainable management of the drylands of the Middle East and North Africa region; decreasing vulnerability to climate variability in African river basins;

CEB: Streamlining and scaling up financial and technological support 23.02.2017

Integrating climate change risks into development planning and programming and UN system country operations; exploring insurance schemes; special emphasis on support for the rural poor in Africa and on reducing vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa.

CEB: Enhancing knowledge sharing 23.02.2017

Improving the linkage of climate data to global early warning and early action networks that build capacities in developing countries, provide consequential policy options, and strengthen humanitarian preparedness and response systems.

CEB: Support for national planning for adaptation 23.02.2017

Assistance to Least Developed Countries with National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs); assistance to African countries in launching integrated and comprehensive approaches to adaptation; studies on the socioeconomic and demographic impact of climate change on countries and cities;

CEB: Adaptation 23.02.2017

The UN system's work in this area is governed by the stipulations of COP decision 1/CP.10 and the Nairobi Work Programme on Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change.

HLCP: Cancun Climate Change Conference - November 2010 15.06.2016

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Cancun in December 2010, the United Nations system highlighted its readiness to support Member States in implementing their commitments through side events and information material that presented the system’s ongoing work and practical tools.

HLCP: Poznań Climate Change Conference - December 2008 15.06.2016

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HLCP: Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM) 23.02.2017

A global knowledge platform to capture, exchange and scale up good adaptation practices, in response to the needs of developing countries.

HLCP: CEB Adaptation side event: COP15 Programme 23.02.2017

The United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) invitation to the debate on "Advancing work on adaptation to climate change:A UN system perspective"

HLCP: Annex C: Background-The UN system and climate change 23.02.2017
HLCP: Annex B: Priority issue areas 23.02.2017
HLCP: Annex A: Planning and implementation mechanisms 23.02.2017
HLCP: Adaptation Policy Paper 23.02.2017

Empowering individuals, communities and countries to cope with climate change impacts, in particular strengthening the adaptive capacity of the poorest, must go hand-in-hand with progress towards sustainable development in all its economic, social and environmental aspects.

HLCP: UN System Supporting Adaptation in an Enhanced Adaptation Regime 23.02.2017

Recognizing that successful cooperation and implementation of adaptation actions depends on a wide engagement of stakeholders, Parties have invited relevant multilateral, international, regional and national organizations, the public and private sectors, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to undertake and support adaptation in a coherent and integrated manner.

HLCP: UN System Acting to Address Adaptation Needs of Member States 23.02.2017

The UN system is taking concerted action to help people and communities in countries, especially those particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, to manage climate-related risks in their efforts to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

HLCP: UN System Support to Adaptation – Progress and Opportunities for Enhanced Action 23.02.2017

The earth’s climate is changing at rates unprecedented in recent human history and will continue to change. The associated impacts and risks are global in their nature, geographically diverse and are increasingly being felt across a range of systems...

CEB: Financing mitigation and adaptation action 23.02.2017

The UN system, including the Bretton Woods Institutions, is assisting developing countries in better leveraging finance from a variety of sources to help them adapt to climate change impacts and undertake nationally appropriate mitigation actions in the context of sustainable development.

HLCP: Acting on Climate Change: The UN Delivering as One 15.06.2016

Under the leadership of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) has initiated a process of aligning its strengths to achieve a coordinated action-oriented approach to the global and multifaceted challenge of climate change. This document brings together information on activities undertaken throughout the United Nations system, including its agencies, funds and programmes, as contributed by the respective entities.

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Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX) 23.02.2017

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is the outcome of cross-disciplinary teamwork between scientists studying the physical aspects of climate change, scientists with expertise in impacts, adaptation and vulnerability as well as experts in disaster risk management.

Direct access: Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX)