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CEB: United Nations development system working together 23.02.2017

At its second regular session 2008, CEB endorsed the management and accountability framework for the United Nations development and resident coordinator system, including a functional firewall for the resident coordinator system. The agreement contains a vision to guide the creation of a better-managed and more efficient United Nations development system.

CEB: CEB Joint Crisis Initiatives (JCI's) 30.05.2017

At the CEB first regular session 2009, Executive Heads adopted a Communiqué endorsing nine Joint Crisis Initiatives and emphasizing the need to assist countries and the global community to confront the crisis, accelerate recovery, and build a fair and inclusive system of globalization based on sustainable economic, social and environmental development for all.

CEB: Monitoring and analysis 23.02.2017

There is an urgent need to take swift and synchronized actions to improve existing global monitoring and reporting systems using economic, financial and sustainability indicators, based on but not limited to official statistics

HLCP: Joint Crisis Initiatives (JCIs): UN system-wide Response 30.05.2017
Additional financing for the most vulnerable Green Economy Initiative (GEI) Humanitarian, security and social stability Food security Social protection floor Technology and innovation
HLCP: Monitoring and analysis 23.02.2017

The Monitoring and Analysis aspect of the Joint Crisis Initiative is based on three pillars: Global Impact and Vulnerability Alert System (GIVAS); Integrated Monitoring and Analytical System for Crisis Response; Monitoring Economic and Financial Policies – IMF Surveillance.

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CEB: La crisis financiera mundial y su impacto en las tareas del sistema de la ONU 23.02.2017

Face à l‟éventualité que la communauté internationale affronte l‟une des menaces financières, économiques et sociales les plus sérieuses de notre temps, le Conseil des Chefs de Secrétariat des Organismes de l‟Organisation des Nations Unies pour la coordination (CCS) s‟est réuni pour analyser les divers aspects pertinents et se mobiliser pour prendre des mesures afin de faire face à l‟impact de la crise dans les domaines du travail de chacun de ses membres.

CEB: The way forward 23.02.2017

A coherent response by the multilateral system to the crisis is an ambitious task. CEB is well placed to mobilize such a response and make it "a source of strength for the system and each of its members, using it as an instrument for the highest level expression of system-wide coherence" as agreed in the CEB review.

HLCP: CEB Issue Paper: The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on the Work of the UN System 15.06.2016

At its meeting in Geneva on 26-27 February 2009, the HLCP discussed extensively a preliminary version of this paper, submitted by the Chair, on the basis of a very rich set of contributions by all agencies. The CEB Paris meeting resulted in a robust exchange of views during which CEB members endorsed the course of action proposed by the HLCP and supported the various initiatives for joint action contained in the Issue Paper prepared by the Chair of the HLCP.

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HLCP: Joint Crisis Initiatives (JCIs) Templates 15.06.2016

This draft strategy was presented by the Chair of HLCP to CEB at its April 2009 Session. CEB endorsed the strategy and adopted a Communiqué endorsing the nine initiatives proposed by HLCP.

HLCP: Letter to UN country teams: Joint Crisis Initiatives (JCIs) 15.06.2016

A letter from the Chair of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) , on 1 September 2009, to alert UN country teams of the initiatives. In the letter she called for UN country teams to respond to the crisis by applying the nine JCIs.

HLCP: Follow-up: Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development, ECOSOC (16 September 2009, E/2009/114) 15.06.2016

Report of the Secretary General: The Promotion and enhancement of a coordinated response of the United Nations development system and the specialized agencies in the follow-up to and implementation of the Outcome of the Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development, ECOSOC (16 September 2009, E/2009/114)

Document reference: E/2009/114
HLCP: Compilation of Updates/Progress on the Joint Crisis Initiatives (JCIs) 15.06.2016

Progress reports on the UN CEB Joint Crisis Initiatives on the Global Financial and Economic Crisis.

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IMF on Google+ 23.02.2017
Direct access: IMF on Google+
World Economic Outlook Database 15.06.2016

Use this database to find data on national accounts, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, fiscal indicators, trade for countries and country groups (aggregates), and commodity prices whose data are reported by the IMF.

Direct access: World Economic Outlook

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CEB: International Monetary Fund 28.07.2016

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organisation of 187 countries that works to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty.

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HLCP: United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) 23.02.2017

UNEG was established in January 1984 as the Inter-Agency Working Group on Evaluation (IAWG). It is a professional network that brings together the units responsible for evaluation in the UN system including the specialized agencies, funds, programmes and affiliated organisations. UNEG currently has 45 such members.